Everything starts with learning in life. Do you want to spend time learning good things? In this article, I wanted to share with you meatball eggs and how to make it. You can make meatball eggs very easily by reading the recipe I will give you. I shared the list of materials needed for you. Let’s move on to our recipe and make our meatball egg.

We thought that practical meal and appetizer recipes will add color to our lives these days when we are closed to homes due to quarantine, so we continue to share our practical recipes with our valuable readers.

Meatball Egg. Delicious appetizer of meat and boiled eggs. It consists of an egg covered with meatball dough and then fried. Very tasty and essential.

1-) Boil 6 eggs for 5 minutes and set aside. Put two types of meat in a bowl, the bread is soaked in milk, and then the eggs, grated cheese, salt and pepper are squeezed. Study the ingredients to make the dough homogeneous.

2-) Shell the boiled eggs and flour. Take a portion of meat the size of a plum, smooth it well and use it to wrap a boiled egg so it is covered perfectly.

3-) To compact the meat, press it well with your hand and pass the meatballs so obtained first in the beaten egg and then in the breadcrumbs. Do the same for other boiled eggs.

4-) Put a pan with deep oil on heat and fry the eggs in a meatball. Do not set the flame too high so as not to burn it. Serve hot or cold with a mixed salad. It is also perfect for consuming during a picnic.