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How To Knit

Amigurumi Hedgehog Free Pattern

We continue with our Amigurumi pattern work and we will share the cute hedgehog pattern.We continue to make amigurumi tiny cute animals.Continue with a pattern recipe that everyone can easily knit in a short time and share with us.Our cute animal friends suit this knitting technique very well and continue …

How To Knit

Amigurumi Baby Free Crochet Pattern

A project suitable for beginners and crochet elements, beautiful and succulent without complicated details. Includes clouds, rainbow, raindrops and the sun from behind. Do not forget if Baby Mobiles, that is, a baby’s cot is not safe to hang them above.We recommend you to hang in a corner, especially since …

How To Knit

Amigurumi Educational Toy

We can make educational toys at the same time by knitting amigurumi knitting. One of the most beautiful of these is to let our children learn toys with healthy threads.You can make the colors as you wish. May it be easy, ladies. Materials;dark pinklight pinkyellowgreenbluelight blue whitepurple rope10mm safe eye etamine needle …